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Been forever :P
bioshock 2

I haven't posted in forever so here goes:

First, college sucks, especially math and Pre-calculus. I got a d in that :(.
Next, work is a drag and working with christmas trees is a lot harder than you think, especially in the freezing cold and rain :P.
Get to go on vacation to Florida right after the new year to see my uncle, which is really exciting and I cant wait! :D
The last thing I have to post is very depressing so don't read unless you want to. My other grandfather, Popop, died about 8 days ago because of cancer. Unlike my Papa Chuck, this was expected because of complications that had been occurring for a while. He was 85 and lived a good long time. There was no funeral, but we got to see him one last time. That was the first time I ever saw my dad cry :(. The sucky part was he passed away the night before my Pre-cal final, so that made it even worse.
Finally though, I'm out of school until january 17, so freak yea let's have some fun!!

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