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This sucks :(
bioshock 2
Sometimes you just have a bad day. Well, i thought this was an okay day until i came over to my mom and bryan's house today and heard the terrible news.

My grandfather, Papa Chuck, passed away today around 7:00 this morning.

I could believe that this happened because of his heart problems and his worsening health, but i thought I'd be able to see him at least one more time before that day, and now its passed and ill never see him again.

He was only in his late 60's. yet he died from ammonia and the doctors couldn't find a pulse when they finally reached him. I tried to hold it together in front of my stepdad, but i didn't with my mom and now im over the worst of it and ill be fine, but thoughts of him still surface, and tear up because of them. The only good part about this is that he is in a much better place now and won't have to suffer anymore.

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if you're reading this srry ive repeated like 4 times but i wanted to get this right. thank you very much ginga270, your sympathy is greatly appreciated :)

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