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awesome!! :D
bioshock 2
Last night was great because of one thing: i got a car! A 2002 jetta with leather; i feel awesome. The trig proofs test shook me a little bit, but im still happy. Also, got Dragon age 2! Spring Break is going to be awesome :D

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Yaaay! Awesome! 8D (Though you might not like that leather so much when summer rolls around...)

I can't wait for Spring Break too! Sucky thing is though English is like SPRING BREAK? OH THAT'S FINE, HERE HAVE THIS MAJOR PROJECT DUE THE DAY YOU COME BACK. I wish I could shoot my school, seriously. :| But then that's what I get for taking AP, I guess.

that's why didn't take ap english :/ hopefully you can get the project done so we can hang out over break.

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