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the old days :D
bioshock 2
Today i was with my friend Vincent Papmeder walking his dogs around the block. We started talking about the good old days, back when we were 9-13 and our parents really didn't care what we did. I really miss those times. The times when you could actually have a girl as a friend and no one called you out on dating. The times when you could make anything up you wanted and play any game in your yard and no one would call you a weirdo. The times when you didn't have to have a girlfriend/boyfriend to feel accepted and it was all good. The times when you didn't have to worry about high school, driving, college, scholarships, applications, jobs, and all that bullcrap. Those days were probably the best of my life, just doing whatever i wanted when i wanted. I had the best friends, the best school, and i felt accepted by my peers. Now its all different. Now you have to have somebody texting you every freakin 2 minutes to be considered cool. Now you have to worry about college and whether or not you'll find a job. I just want to ask you: relive those memories and cherish them forever. You will never have those freedoms again. You will never have that innocence again. After you reminisce, store those memories away and try to get on with your life. Try to understand you will now have different freedoms but many, many more responsiblities than you ever had as a child. If anybody read this, thank you for reading this message. :D


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